The most organic natural beauty is the one that is ever glowing from the inside out. So I believe you have to make sure you are keep your body well balanced. Good sleep, well balanced diet exercise and keeping as many toxins out of your body as possible. However I am not a perfect spectrum of health I love to indulge and enjoy a adult beverage on more then one occasion… OK ok like every other day I would relax with a nice glass or 2 or 3 or 4 of red wine. I started noticing even if I ran everyday a 5k or 10k. I was feeling sluggish and worse was not losing a pound I was actually gaining. I was eating red meat which is not me at all.

After much thought and research I knew what needed to be done I needed a cleanse. Your liver and colon cleanse your body naturally however sometimes from long time abuse your body needs some help. I have done many cleanses in the past so I knew what worked and what didn’t for me. ( I do recommend seeking a physicians advice on the matter before starting any cleanse.)

I started reading on Great Plains clay cleansing now this is a detox of bentonite. Basically its been around for years and its clay mixed in a liquid form that doesn’t get absorb in your body it has a negative  ionic charge that attracts itself to toxic metals bacteria with a positive charge that is ingested in your body and it helps you pass them naturally. They do recommend adding a type of liver cleanse to your detox which helps loosen the hard toxins and lubricates the walls of your intestines for a better results. After 1 day of use I saw a difference. A lighter feeling when I ran. By day 2 I was going through the detoxing part a lil tired around 1230 pm but I was feeling a little rushed and I was up all night with a 1 yr old having sinus issues. By day 3…running like as if I was a pro again and no sign of sluggishness or tiredness. My appetites is better I have great energy to keep up with my 1 year old. My diet is lighter and I am off red meat and wine.

Day 4 Last night had celebration with the family and I did have a lass of white wine but kept it small and not over indulgent. I ate a lobster cobb salad and yes it was amazing! I woke up the next morning still feeling light and still good. I defin wont drink the rest of the week but I feel since the detox clay is in my it absorbs the wine impurtites that give you a hang over and you pass it its great. Day 5 Still alive yes I had a cheat day yesterday as well I had pizza and yes 2 glasses of red wine ok as you can read wine is my thing but it brings me to a relaxed state and dammit its good. Today ran a 5k did some strenth training and now off to do the housewife home maker things. cleaning sweeping tending to the children haha but all in all I feel good with the detox. I dont recommend by any means drinking this for that purpose. I have 2 days left in the detox to really get it in my system along with 7 days after but still feeling strong.

My daily activity consists of am run 5k some strength training with the Tone it up Trainers Karena and Katrina. Yes they give me great inspiration. Its hard to get to the gym as a mom. And at that point the day starts and doesn’t stop until 10 pm when my head hits that pillow.  So a good clean inner body is at the top of my goal list and working so far so good!!

You can find the Great Plains clay at any vitamin store its super inexpensive and frankly a good reset button for a healthier life!


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