Beauty weddings….

Yes as June approaches its that season…. wedding season… and as d start to bridzillas emerge from the wood works wanting perfection on the” one special day” we all have to succumb to their wishes as bridesmaids and family members well. I was never the bride type or so I thought my first wedding was a trip to the court house which makes sense why it didn’t work. We weren’t young but we did approach marriage as a business merger. And then there was the rule changer after a year of marriage 9 years of dating 3 years being engaged. He dropped the bomb no kids. No mind you this was a discussion we had we both wanted kids at first but as he became more money hungry and I more of a homebody things changed he wanted to travel and less responsibility and I wanted to set roots down. Well now I packed up moved from Colorado back to Florida met a high school friend and started dating and after 4 years we have a 1 year old who is everything I had hoped and dreamed.( Like seriously he is like flipping adorable.) And now we are looking to have a wedding ya we are for sure doing this backwards. 

Now keeping a single family budget in perspective. I am trying to utilize a friend who has a barn which is all the rage these days. But for us its free hello why not. a couple of Vintage back yard string lights mason jars at table setting also dual party favors lantern balls as fillers to hang and some burp lap behind the invites long table for dinner southern home cooking as the menu. Gotta do a craw fish boil because the hubs is from Louisiana. empty frames as a photo back drop, beer and wine and hay barrels as seats, which are free. All of which I have not gone dress shopping because I need to drop 20 lbs. Gotta get a suit for my kid and hub, at this point I am over budget with no entertainment. I see how these brides lose their marbles. I just have to keep reminding myself that I already have the most important things that make a marriage…. a family, a perfect little small loving family. 

Here are a couple of my ideas….



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