There beauty in the simplest of feelings….

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

My strongest memory or heart pounding belly twisting nervousness… I have so many I think I am just a ball of worrisome anxiety anyway I was born that way but we shall start at the beginning was when I reconnected with a childhood friend and I saw him for the first time after 11 years. I was had been going through a rough patch in life separated going to divorce counseling and getting ready for the next unknown step of my life. I always had this high school middle school photo book and as I was going through boxes of what to take back to florida in my move and what to throw out I came across the album. I started flipping through the album cringing at the pictures of myself with braces untamed frizzy hair. As I continued I saw cheerleading pictures friends senior pictures and I came across a strapping young lad. Football player Senior picture he was a sight all muscular no smile just one good looking kid that slightly reminded me of Matt Damon. Yum! Well I questioned myself what ever happen to this kid why did I not pay attention to him as I am right now in high school hmm what was he up too was he married happy?? Well I put it in the keep box and went to bed. The next morning at 4 am during my daily workout I was running on the treadmill the image of the picture crossed my mind after a 3 mile run I began back and bicep. As I was doing lateral pull downs I  got the urge to find him on face book I briefly remembered his last name and eureka I found him. Ok still cute I thought Ill send him a friend request. As I continued my last set I ot a notification boom it was him my stomach got butterflies I was a 29 yr old woman what the hell was wrong with me.  Well he sent me an email asking f I knew who he was I replied uhh ya and he later then recognized me. We asked each other what the other was doing up so early we each replied at the gym. As the day progressed we went from emails to instant messaging… to texting on the cell to a phone call days weeks past to skyping then I was to visit my mom back home and a meeting in feb. Now as we spoke he reminded me why we never dated I was caught up on someone else and he was my homecoming date senior year omg I remembered Ileft this poor guy for my crush at the time at homecoming how heart less I was! I vowed to make it up to him. And well after the first meeting my fate was sealed. 4 years later we have a lil boy and an amazing yet frustrating at times relationship.


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