Beauty in playing wife and counselor…..

The beauty of being a mom is wearing different hats in your family is that you aren’t just you… You are wife, lover, psychologist, mother, friend, sex kitten, cook, medic, teacher, speech therapist, dog whisperer… The list goes on however when you need a shoulder to rest your head or ear to listen. It turns into your needy and complain a lot. So you just start to stay quiet and shove those feelings deep deep down! Yes its not healthy but you also have to be peacemaker. After a day of cleaning folding cooking shopping errands yelling at Friday drivers who have no idea where they are going. Last thing I wanna do is hear about my spouses day at work after 8 years in the business if you are complaining about the same thing its time to make a change. You’re not happy and for crying out loud.. I am not happy listening to you not being happy.  I am finding peace and solitude sitting outside on the porch drink in hand ….a whipped cream peach vodka  yummers, because today I put my foot down and said I need time to unwind from Curious George and you and my lil guy screaming momma because I am the only person around lol. ( It is the best sound don’t get me wrong so awesome.) But sometimes I just want to have some peace and hear my fingers hit the keys of my keyboard on the computer. 


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