beauty in the words we speak and thoughts that are thought….

Its funny part 2 or 163 of my day I am sitting here attempting to finish the cup of coffee I poured myself this morning at 730 am while I was getting a talking to about my role as a homemaker… Yay I went there. I have my kid in bed napping.  I am making a list of what needs to be picked up at the store and my phone starts to go off with tweets. I get a follower my heart flutters when I do. Its like you really think my blabbing and daily updates on my cardio sessions are important…. Flash back Sally Fields…” You like me, you reallllly like me!” No I probably make their lives seem less pathetic and you know what thats ok too. Anyhoo, I read this twitters headline… “I think of things and make it happen.” Simple to the point and wow I am jealous almost. To be able to think of something great and make it happen. I am lucky to have a peaceful thought with out forgetting it as it reaches my lips and then….wait what was I talking about again…shit no seriously.. hold on let me go over this again…..Ok and I am back The twitter

Being a parent ok let me go back being a mom who carried their child through the pregnancy process isnt easy. It is a miracle you literally are making a human being your body everything inside of you is making this childs hair, skin, nails teeth buds. I mean this is how close to God you can be because he is giving you the ability to do this and yet there is a trade. Your hormones are unbalanced, you gain weight like no other. Your organs get squeezed and pushed up or side. Then after pregnancy your still hormonally unbalanced. And if you are lucky to stay home or as I am have no choice because childcare is like a college tuition these days. You have no peace of mind. I would love to make the lucrative thoughts in my head flourish and make them happen. But alas my role is a mom caretaker to my spouse who is OCD/ ADHD and needs help just like my one year old and maybe while I am in the shower or the bathroom I have a moment of solitude or at this moment when the rare nap session happens I can think of the thought of putting this blogging post together.

I  give working successful parents credit with no nanny’s. I give credit to those who have thoughts and make them happen. I have to now know that what I do now for my family is give them the tools to have their thoughts and make things happen in their lives.


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