The Beauty in being a homemaker….

So between last night and this morning I received well a disturbing wake up call and that is that being a mom to a 1 year old and trying to maintain my sanity as well as trying to be with someone who suffers from OCD / ADHD is not enough. My sanity is off the charts! My background is the corporate world and when I was forced to leave my job during my maternity leave anxiety of no job no insurance no money set in . my other half said its ok we will be fine. As we looked into daycares ect we saw how insanely expensive they were and boom I was a housemaker. I love being with mu munchkin but sometimes I need some me time quiet  alone no crying no sponge bob or mickey mouse club house or chuggington. I miss adult conversation that has nothing to do with children but maybe some intellectual stimulation. Talk about hobbies interests. My other half says I have plenty of time to myself when he comes home I watch game of thrones on sunday nights and have a glass of wine. He says he doesnt get that he clocks in and out at work then comes home and clocks in to dad. It burns me up becuase he comes in the room or when he cant get our son to sleep and complains he cant do it and I am in a dead sleep. I have to do it everyday all day 15 min of our son being excited his dad is home isnt anything to stress over and hes just pissed bc the kid wont close his eyes the minute he picks him up.  

I am a structured person normally. Motherhood doesnt allow structure. My workouts revolve around my son. I run 5k with him in tow. I strength train in the house while he watches disney movies. Then he naps and I recently am helping my other half’s business by finding leads for him to cold call. What I do for myself now is this blog and take pics of my kid sleeping which is starting to seem a lil creepy. All said and done I explained to my other half that after his massive rant n what I dont do is apologize because is most certainly right I am half assing the other duties in the house because I am with our son. And I will do the job description that which a housemaker is suppose to. In retro spect I will also put a pay chart so he knows what I am to get paid for and when I want to go out somewhere or buy something that just as this is my job and he has one I will get benefits as well. 


Some of the job description

• Perform basic household tasks; cooking, errands-running, laundry, cleaning and maintenance
• Plan and cook meals according to family’s personal preferences while keeping nutrition value in mind
• Decorate homes in order to create an inviting environment for owners
• Dust and mop floors and wash down bathrooms
• Wash windows and clean doors
• Dust surfaces and furniture
• Vacuum and wash carpets on a periodic basis
• Perform upkeep and minor repairs of the house
• Wash dishes and flatware and organize family belongings appropriately
• Ensure food portion control (in case of working in a facility)
• Create shopping lists and purchase groceries and other household items
• Maintain budgets by developing and overseeing expenditure
• Pay house bills and keep record of credit payments
• Oversee children by feeding, bathing, grooming and dressing them
• Assist children with homework and recreational activities
• Organize social activities and facilitate play dates
• Run errands to the post office, bank or car cleaners
• Report unsafe conditions to prevent hazards
• Provide personal assistance to the elderly by helping in feeding, toileting and walking
• Iron clothes and ensure that they are folded neatly and put away properly

Just with these exact tasks the average pay salary is $51 k.

Oh and if one day you read I moved to India its because there they are looking to have husbands pay their wives for staying at home a salary. Which I think is fair. 

Food for thought!


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