Beauty in a morning run….

The beauty that can be seen in a morning run is just beyond word.s Not only does running allow me to leave behind a cloudy sense of mind. I also am able to see clearer visually and mentally. I am able to conquer my day and prioritize what tasks are more important. I love it and of course it helps my munchkin get out and get some vitamin D and well gets him mentally stimulated as well. I try to do family runs at least one day on the weekend. My spouse isnt the most driven in regards to running but I do do my best. If my son sees his dad running then he will always have the stay healthy running bug. I also try my best at keeping a healthy diet but I do allow cheat days. or meals. Pizza is my cheat meal of choice and we all know I love my adult beverys…. lolol my new motto a run a will keep the fat away. I also find the most amazing photog shots while running a lonely black cloud, blooming cactus tangled in a parking lot fence. A tree losing dried leaves. I mean just so much. But alas I never have my camera because of fear of it getting wet on a puddle I run over with the stroller.  Gonna just have to take a car ride and re-scope it  out.


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