Wisdom in a tooth

OK so I’ve been out of the blogging circle for a while. Lots has happened some good some bad at the moment I’m laid up had a massive oral surgery. Had wisdom teeth extraction and the sawed at my jaw. In the process they sliced my cheek so I have so many stitches in my mouth I wanna cry. Oh wait I did! I decided to stay at my parents house with my son it’s just easier bc they can let me sleep and not ask me questions that I can’t answer die to heavy meds and not being able to talk. So frustrating when you have a 1 year old who is all about mom. I am so lucky though that my mom and I are identical twins so he doesn’t freak out as much. Now as far as my appearance I have seen my sister and friends get their teeth removed and they look like a chipmunk cutie pies yes painful cut cute. Holy hell batman I resemble Tom Cruise in vanilla sky after the accident.  No lie my face is melting on one side. It’s not fun or cute. So as June comes to a close I heal up. My apartment lease runs out i have to also decide where to move or stay in our house. My birthday is drawing near in 2 weeks it’s all a big poop storm of emotions and being broke doesn’t help but I have developed a new hobby besides taking pics and that sketching and wire sculpture. Kind of fun. 






I need some more work but I’m slowly getting my strokes back using pastels and charcoal is something I’ve never done before. I actually considered going back to school at the Art Institute just not sure if I have talent or if I’d make it far. It’s my fear of rejection of my mediocre talents that holds me back. Hmm we will see stay tuned! ♡


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