July is an interesting month

Wow it feels like I disappeared from my blog altogether.  Well I wish I could say alot has happened but the truth is life as a mother is what happens. The moments of single life and getting caught up is far beyond different from the mommy life I lead now. Not worse not better just different.  So instead of trips to the keys or to the Colorado rockies or Vegas it’s been dr appts emergency room and dental work. It’s been I threshing to say the  least. My first visit to the er w my child was far from fun. However my Samsung galaxy played an amazing roll and so did my amazing motger. It’s funny having children does really bridge the gap between mother and daughter. I don’t recommend having children just to do that. But it has helped my relationship. I also was  blessed at the age of 33 to have my wisdom teeth pulled I use the term blessed loosely.  After over 22 days of no solids I lost a whopping 20 lbs and the ability to digest dairy. Oh I looovveee cheese.  So another trip to the emergency room with the hubby who threw his back out the fourth of July playing golf.  I brought I. My 3rd birthday with stitches and not being able to eat cake …stupid wisdom teeth… well on a positive note I thought I would be able to start designing a swimwear line. Living in Florida is a must to have a swim suit but alas everyone is start a swimwear line again the industry is saturated with celebrities working with designing companies so frustrating.  So now I have to go with a new idea.  Hmmmmm well all in all. Not a horrible month but interesting for sure.


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