Sensing what is normal in my life or not normal….

I recently started noticing my inability to stay the course. I have been so distracted. Either obsessed with losing the last 15 lbs from pregnancy. The fact my 1 year old has the energy and focus of the energizer bunny and I am lacking on keeping up. The fact I constantly pick and chisel at my spouse for every little thing, granted most of the time it is truly necessary in my book. (especially when he makes up words and then truly wholehearted believes its a word and tries to look it up.) Just not good I was noticing I didn’t like who I was tuning out to be. I know I have a responsibility to set a good example for my son. So he is capable of having good habits relationships and just all around happy mental health and how horrible is it that he sees his number 1 woman in his life acting this way to other people especially his father. So I started talking a little more to my spouse we discussed therapy and the possibility of being treated for the outburst we both have. Now my spouse suffers from ADHD. However I am he classic case of ADD. Having to be pulled aside t take your test because someone swollowing distracts you is a problem. As a parent you feel overwhelmed and not able to keep the house duties up to ar. Now after both of us saying we want this to work we have to get help we are on top of our game. I can actually get what I need to done spend quality time with my son. Not pick and chisel at my spouse and not fight over things we should be able to speak to one another about, and its wonderful. I am not saying we took a magic pill and all of our problems are gone its a constant battle internally , but WE and I am able to take care of whats important with calmness and patience and that is what its all about.


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