It’s funny my mom use to tell me that friends you have when you’re young won’t be the same friends you have as ana adult.  However if by the time you have kids and you can count ur true friends on one hand you are very lucky. I would look at my mom like she had 3 heads and I would reply I have my friends back and they have mine.” Well as time went on and we grew up and you guessed it apart I now have 1 friend from high school and one friend I would of never thought we would be as close as we are now please consider our sons are 2 weeks apart and she has another on the way and our lives revolve around our family and having kids young you’re a slave to their schedule so we don’t see each other often. Same goes with my other friend from the 1 day in drama class freshman year I turned to her and said ” hi my name is Jasmin what’s yours?” We have not stopped talking but alas as we have grown I’ve moved out of state and back twice we still were close until the day we had kids. We just have different views and different opinions on how to raise our kids but I feel she is very temperamental when I suggest certain things. So I have realized to keep my opinions to myself and from that I haven’t been as close to her in fear I offend her in some way. There is a void of not having her in my life as I use to but a harsh realizat I n I have other peip K e that require my attention way more and are more receptive to suggestions.


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