Theres beauty in a little healthy competition

Wow, I have defin been a little out of the blogging circle. Its hard being a first time Mom so many milestones and a lot of personal growth ie who am I now I dont want to be one of those Moms who is all about their kids and has no life of their own I dont want to lose my identitiy blah blah blah. Ya you dont lose your identity just that all about me attitude you walked around with since birth. You realize there is a lil being that requires your attention and without you they well are lost. I did give up things reluctantly in the beinging but after I realized I couldnt be the Mom I wanted t be or person for that matter it became easier to cope let go whatever you want to call it. I let go of toxic friendships that looking bck wish I had done that over a decade ago. Moved on from my past life and embraced my new. In this personal growth process I lost 30 lbs I run 13.1 miles and purchased a fitbit after my heart monitor and 25 apps for running took a dump on me during a personal best run. So having a little time stealer as I call my son sometimes has been a blessing in my life. I try to stay in the now.
I also adopted recently a unwanted condition as time hormones and age had reared their ugly head in my life. I can no longer enjoy the foods I once loved and pretty much long for every minute of my life! I cant eat gluten, dairy, and pretty much anything that makes me happy foodwise. That defin has something to do with the weight loss for sure but ask me if I am personally happy with my body? Yes and no. I am puerto rican and I love having as they say junk in the trunk I have no junk I squat everyday I work every ounce of my junk and I have no junk. A little disappointing for my husband who loves a thick fit woman. Until I get a grasp of my recipes and stomach I continue to live in this untrendy hellish life of gluten dairy free where nothing fits!
On a great note victory me husband defeated is actually what this blog was about originally.
My hubby thinks I am extremely competitive and you know what I know I admit I go to the gym and look at the other woman who are doing cardio or lifting and say I can for sure push harder do more reps or get that type of body. I recently read a article in the journal of psychology of sport and exercise that comparing yourself to others exercising can actually drive you to work harder longer. Hello thats awesome!!! And I tell my husband I am not going to settle for mediocrity I am not going to allow myself to be in a rut when it comes to being the best I can be if I know I am healthy I am motivated and persistent on having a better life body ect. That goes for everything in my life. Dont get me wrong I am not making myself unhappy or obsessing over someone elses life or achievements but rather saying anything you can do I can do better lolol no no just kidding well half kidding. So remember when your at the gym or what have you look over and push harder want to be better and work longer because its good for you!


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