Beauty in a child

As a mom ALL I want to do is make my son smile. As a wife all I want to do is give my family nothing but the best and how I contribute as a mom is by cooking cleaning and providing a home warm atmosphere. My son and I go out side everyday whether its raining or not and run and talk we point out trees and squirrels go through our alphabets he gets to see new things as his mind develops I get to exercise. The hardest part though is feeling as a mom that we are failing in some way that we should know and understand our child when we cries or is mad or frustrated and lately I have felt like I am failing my son cant use his words yet to communicate with me so he gets frustrated and throws things and has melt downs. look I know ALL KIDS have mini melt downs BUT i fear that at 18 months he has behavioral issues. So what is a mom to do well talk to the dr and take him to speech therapy and video tap his melt downs so the dr sees what the issue is. As a mom we learn to be proactive and give our child the best care guidance and attention they need to be able to grow and function in a society where different is not embarrassed and normal whatever word that is is not looked at kindly As much as we think we have progressed as a society we still are so judgmental.


3 thoughts on “Beauty in a child

  1. I’m happy to have met you today. I’m a mom of a very hyper and active 5 year old boy. He has always ‘burned bright’ and been the kid who goes hard until the inevitable public meltdown. We have used some great tools to keep him active, channel his energy and balance his moods over the years. Swing by my blog and read the post I put up last week about Balance – I think it may speak to you ❤

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