Haters will hate..


I have been running 6 miles now and After thinking and reading articles about SI model Hannah Davis & the backlash for the cover shot. Critics calling it pornographic saying also they should add playboy to the title,  oh my fav asking what message are we sending our daughters?.REALLY people? !
Firstly  Hannah  is a naturally stunning young girl she what 24 . she has made a career out of her beautiful looks and fit figure. Something that we all should give her props for. Bc most 24yr Olds r trying  to find themselves . Are trying to be Kardashians being sloppy  drunks wearing cutoff shorts crop tops 3 size to  small.
Secondly addressing pornographic apparently who ever said that must live in a remote area under a rock.reality t  real world jersey shore showed more blurred crotch butt boob sex moaning hell people tuned in for  it. 50 shades of  grey movie  and book that is soft pornographic turned love story Kim Kardashian making a sex tape nothing is blurred and I  that’s straight porn. I’m sure you still let ur daughters buy their clothes and watch their show. Hannah  is fully clothed in a swim suit no blurred spots no sex tape thst I know of.the cover is reminiscent of Tyra Banks actually  quite similar.
Thirdly playboy reference  lol really?.? I Have seen playboy’s tgere us no implied nudes on the cover like last year 3 top less models linking arms .there’s no body paint like in previous years.
Finally the question  what message are we

sending to our daughters? Well ask urself what message have you as the parent been telling your daughter? You are the parent you should explain to ur daughters about eating healthy staying fit taking care of ur body. Where clothes that fit properly. Go to school get involved in the community. It’s not Sports Illustrated responsibility  to teach your children about life lessons you as a parent to that responsibility. Don’t hate one person success because you dropped the ball as a parent. It’s not an easy task raising a child but we need to talk to them and help them learn that life is  real and tgere are no easy jobs or quick fixes not everyone get a participation award.we have to work hard to win to be the best version of you. Hannah getting the cover is a dream of hers don’t taint someone’s dream bc you haven’t reached yours. Thanks


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