Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Feels like I have not chimed in on here in so long. ..well I haven’t actually preoccupations with 2 yr old speech therapy sessions and pool  filling afternoons full time work from home and mountains of Laundry don’t give me much freedom to be able to speak my mind as much as I’d like. However I do feel a need for expressing my thought on paper or well you understand. Recently I’ve noticed my step daughter who is blossoming into a young lady now she lives w her mother in a different state and all though we try to talk every week and skype we tend to still miss chunks of her growing up and seeing the changes that so often as a woman throw us for a loop. But I have noticed lil mannerisms  of this young lady coming out a hair toss a lip syncing dance routine with sassy  choreography. I look at what’s out there now in the media and almost gasp at the photographed celebrities living their lavish day to day life in designer or not so designer clothes and look at the body image they portray and quite frankly I’m terrified. Now I pride myself on a healthy life style eat clean work out yet have fun in between. When I see pictures of one of my once fav Miranda Kerr in a airport photo I just bugged out her legs are skeleton  skinny not model skinny but straight skeleton when I see this I know we have have a problem if I can picture no skin and there is just bones it raises alarm and flags. Carmen Electra my once girl crush she looks like she’s on the Lindsey Lohan diet popping pills and surprising appetites. Then we have the curvaceous boots idols  all about the curves but we don’t have to be over sexed  good lord leave somethings for a lil mystery! Putting everything out tgere on display is classless. Believe me you…you will regret it later on I know I’ve been there. So with all this out there as a parent where do I draw the line where do I explain how do I explain to girls out there that these woman that we look up too as Lisa Nichols calls it SHEROS are nothing to look up too. I could say be you create ur own image…. make ur own footsteps don’t follow anyone else’s but the reality is in schools w friends you have kids bullying kids for being different for being themselves so they to confirm become plastics of what’s in so  they don’t stick out in the wrong way. This parenting thing is tricky and tough. But if I can show by example that beauty is who u are inside and just be the best version you possible I pray that those words will triumph  over the media pics of grossly over sexed under fed celebrities.


Haters will hate..


I have been running 6 miles now and After thinking and reading articles about SI model Hannah Davis & the backlash for the cover shot. Critics calling it pornographic saying also they should add playboy to the title,  oh my fav asking what message are we sending our daughters?.REALLY people? !
Firstly  Hannah  is a naturally stunning young girl she what 24 . she has made a career out of her beautiful looks and fit figure. Something that we all should give her props for. Bc most 24yr Olds r trying  to find themselves . Are trying to be Kardashians being sloppy  drunks wearing cutoff shorts crop tops 3 size to  small.
Secondly addressing pornographic apparently who ever said that must live in a remote area under a rock.reality t  real world jersey shore showed more blurred crotch butt boob sex moaning hell people tuned in for  it. 50 shades of  grey movie  and book that is soft pornographic turned love story Kim Kardashian making a sex tape nothing is blurred and I  that’s straight porn. I’m sure you still let ur daughters buy their clothes and watch their show. Hannah  is fully clothed in a swim suit no blurred spots no sex tape thst I know of.the cover is reminiscent of Tyra Banks actually  quite similar.
Thirdly playboy reference  lol really?.? I Have seen playboy’s tgere us no implied nudes on the cover like last year 3 top less models linking arms .there’s no body paint like in previous years.
Finally the question  what message are we

sending to our daughters? Well ask urself what message have you as the parent been telling your daughter? You are the parent you should explain to ur daughters about eating healthy staying fit taking care of ur body. Where clothes that fit properly. Go to school get involved in the community. It’s not Sports Illustrated responsibility  to teach your children about life lessons you as a parent to that responsibility. Don’t hate one person success because you dropped the ball as a parent. It’s not an easy task raising a child but we need to talk to them and help them learn that life is  real and tgere are no easy jobs or quick fixes not everyone get a participation award.we have to work hard to win to be the best version of you. Hannah getting the cover is a dream of hers don’t taint someone’s dream bc you haven’t reached yours. Thanks

Giving back…

Wow its been so long since my last post. But good reasom..with .my son nearing his 2nd  birthday I had said I’d go back to financially ghings got Harder I prayed God for guidance I didn’t just want to go to work just for insurance but for passion or purpose I am leaving for 8 hrs my  son and missing some critical  milestone  and for that it better be worth it. I’m not planning on another kid so u know . we’ll the lord felt I was better and more needed at home.bc my son was evaluated w delayed speech which broke my heart but helped me understand what is truly important my son. However that doesn’t mean that I have to forget or ignore  what I asked for from God  A JOB WITH I  have gotten involved in charities. I don’t have thousands of dollars to donate but I have a passion for running and an in good shape. So I i am involved in a couple of charity events one is I’m April 4/11 relay for life. A fight against cancer. My family has had this disease rock our world far to many times my grand parents victims my aunt and cousins daughter  survivors. Those are just my immediate family my extended has had breast cancer esophageal cancer.  So for April 11th I am run and walking for them.i urge everyone to do something attend an event volunteer participate donate even if u have only 1.00 that a dollar closer to help fund a cure for someone.

“Puerto Ricans Are Loud”

“Puerto Ricans Are Loud”

I am proud to be a puerto rican!!!!



.– Puerto Rican coffee is the best in the world. It’s so good, this is the coffee that the Pope drinks. Some say it’s the oficial coffee of the Vatican.

– The Camuy Caves System is the 3rd largest underground river system in the world.

– The Arecibo Observatory? The largest radiotelescope in the world!

– El Yunque? The ONLY rain forest in the US National Forest System

– The Bioluminiscent Bay is something else! There are 5 in the world and PR has 3 of them!

– Some of the beaches have been rated the best in the world

– The San Juan Cathedral and San Jose Church are the two oldest churches in the Western Hemisphere

– La Fortaleza is the oldest (continuously working) executive mansion in the New World.

– El Morro and San Marcos Fortresses are the oldest in the US

– Old San Juan is a UNESCO site as well as various other places in PR

– Walmart Puerto Rico broke selling records of all Walmart stores

– ‘Plaza Las Americas’ mall in San Juan is the most profitable mall per square foot in the world and the largest mall in the entire Caribbean Basin.

– Puerto Rico is the country with the most cars per square mile in the world: 146 vehicles per street mile and 4,300 vehicles per square mile.

– The highest grossing Borders book store in US was located in Plaza Las Americas Mall.  Too bad they closed. It was my favorite store too!

– The busiest Toys “R” Us in the world is also in Plaza Las Americas

– The highest grossing Sears store in the World is in Puerto Rico.

– The highest selling Kmart in the US is in Puerto Rico.

– The Radio Shack store in Plaza Las Americas mall is the busiest and highest grossing Radio Shack in the world.

– The largest JC Penney store in the world (a full 4 stories) is located at Plaza Las Americas mall

– Piña Colada was “born” in PR in 1954.

– Puerto Rico has won the Miss Universe pageant a record five times.

– The place in the world with more pharmaceutical companies per square mile is Puerto Rico.

– There are about 1,100 people per square mile, a ratio higher than within any of the 50 states in the United States.

– Puerto Rico is the third country in the world with more physicians in proportion to its population.

– The longest pool in the world is located in a hotel in Dorado, PR. (The hotel is currently closed).

– It is estimated that there is more Nickel in the mountains of Puerto Rico than the whole United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

– The state of Florida was discovered by Puerto Rico’s first governor, Don Juan Ponce de Leon.

– The first shot fired by the United States in World War I was in Puerto Rico by Lt. Teofilo Marxuach.

– 86% of the rum consumed in the world is from Puerto Rico – Bacardi

– Puerto Rico has one of the world’s highest productivity ratios.

– Puerto Rico ranks 6th in the world when it comes to college graduates

– Puerto Rico has more gas stations, churches, cars, roads, and Walgreens per square mile than any other country in the world.

– The second radio station to be inaugurated in the US was in PR. Sally Jesse Raphael’s first gig in the media was in PR.

– The first Emmy went to Puerto Rican Jose Ferrer, who also got the Academy award for the same role.

– Rita Moreno (from PR) received both of those and one for Best Actress in a Broadway show. No one else has matched that.

– The most outstanding soldier in Europe at the end of the Second WW was chosen from the Puerto Rican 65th Infantry. (See BorinqueneersCongressional Gold Medal Alliance at

So, I’ve been thinking:

Like in Alice in Wonderland, when you visit PR, everything will seem small to you, because they are small.  So, when you hear a Puerto Rican talking loud, remember that they are like their coqui frog – sometimes invisible, but loud enough to always be heard.

Beauty in a child

As a mom ALL I want to do is make my son smile. As a wife all I want to do is give my family nothing but the best and how I contribute as a mom is by cooking cleaning and providing a home warm atmosphere. My son and I go out side everyday whether its raining or not and run and talk we point out trees and squirrels go through our alphabets he gets to see new things as his mind develops I get to exercise. The hardest part though is feeling as a mom that we are failing in some way that we should know and understand our child when we cries or is mad or frustrated and lately I have felt like I am failing my son cant use his words yet to communicate with me so he gets frustrated and throws things and has melt downs. look I know ALL KIDS have mini melt downs BUT i fear that at 18 months he has behavioral issues. So what is a mom to do well talk to the dr and take him to speech therapy and video tap his melt downs so the dr sees what the issue is. As a mom we learn to be proactive and give our child the best care guidance and attention they need to be able to grow and function in a society where different is not embarrassed and normal whatever word that is is not looked at kindly As much as we think we have progressed as a society we still are so judgmental.

Theres beauty in a little healthy competition

Wow, I have defin been a little out of the blogging circle. Its hard being a first time Mom so many milestones and a lot of personal growth ie who am I now I dont want to be one of those Moms who is all about their kids and has no life of their own I dont want to lose my identitiy blah blah blah. Ya you dont lose your identity just that all about me attitude you walked around with since birth. You realize there is a lil being that requires your attention and without you they well are lost. I did give up things reluctantly in the beinging but after I realized I couldnt be the Mom I wanted t be or person for that matter it became easier to cope let go whatever you want to call it. I let go of toxic friendships that looking bck wish I had done that over a decade ago. Moved on from my past life and embraced my new. In this personal growth process I lost 30 lbs I run 13.1 miles and purchased a fitbit after my heart monitor and 25 apps for running took a dump on me during a personal best run. So having a little time stealer as I call my son sometimes has been a blessing in my life. I try to stay in the now.
I also adopted recently a unwanted condition as time hormones and age had reared their ugly head in my life. I can no longer enjoy the foods I once loved and pretty much long for every minute of my life! I cant eat gluten, dairy, and pretty much anything that makes me happy foodwise. That defin has something to do with the weight loss for sure but ask me if I am personally happy with my body? Yes and no. I am puerto rican and I love having as they say junk in the trunk I have no junk I squat everyday I work every ounce of my junk and I have no junk. A little disappointing for my husband who loves a thick fit woman. Until I get a grasp of my recipes and stomach I continue to live in this untrendy hellish life of gluten dairy free where nothing fits!
On a great note victory me husband defeated is actually what this blog was about originally.
My hubby thinks I am extremely competitive and you know what I know I admit I go to the gym and look at the other woman who are doing cardio or lifting and say I can for sure push harder do more reps or get that type of body. I recently read a article in the journal of psychology of sport and exercise that comparing yourself to others exercising can actually drive you to work harder longer. Hello thats awesome!!! And I tell my husband I am not going to settle for mediocrity I am not going to allow myself to be in a rut when it comes to being the best I can be if I know I am healthy I am motivated and persistent on having a better life body ect. That goes for everything in my life. Dont get me wrong I am not making myself unhappy or obsessing over someone elses life or achievements but rather saying anything you can do I can do better lolol no no just kidding well half kidding. So remember when your at the gym or what have you look over and push harder want to be better and work longer because its good for you!


It’s funny my mom use to tell me that friends you have when you’re young won’t be the same friends you have as ana adult.  However if by the time you have kids and you can count ur true friends on one hand you are very lucky. I would look at my mom like she had 3 heads and I would reply I have my friends back and they have mine.” Well as time went on and we grew up and you guessed it apart I now have 1 friend from high school and one friend I would of never thought we would be as close as we are now please consider our sons are 2 weeks apart and she has another on the way and our lives revolve around our family and having kids young you’re a slave to their schedule so we don’t see each other often. Same goes with my other friend from the 1 day in drama class freshman year I turned to her and said ” hi my name is Jasmin what’s yours?” We have not stopped talking but alas as we have grown I’ve moved out of state and back twice we still were close until the day we had kids. We just have different views and different opinions on how to raise our kids but I feel she is very temperamental when I suggest certain things. So I have realized to keep my opinions to myself and from that I haven’t been as close to her in fear I offend her in some way. There is a void of not having her in my life as I use to but a harsh realizat I n I have other peip K e that require my attention way more and are more receptive to suggestions.

Sensing what is normal in my life or not normal….

I recently started noticing my inability to stay the course. I have been so distracted. Either obsessed with losing the last 15 lbs from pregnancy. The fact my 1 year old has the energy and focus of the energizer bunny and I am lacking on keeping up. The fact I constantly pick and chisel at my spouse for every little thing, granted most of the time it is truly necessary in my book. (especially when he makes up words and then truly wholehearted believes its a word and tries to look it up.) Just not good I was noticing I didn’t like who I was tuning out to be. I know I have a responsibility to set a good example for my son. So he is capable of having good habits relationships and just all around happy mental health and how horrible is it that he sees his number 1 woman in his life acting this way to other people especially his father. So I started talking a little more to my spouse we discussed therapy and the possibility of being treated for the outburst we both have. Now my spouse suffers from ADHD. However I am he classic case of ADD. Having to be pulled aside t take your test because someone swollowing distracts you is a problem. As a parent you feel overwhelmed and not able to keep the house duties up to ar. Now after both of us saying we want this to work we have to get help we are on top of our game. I can actually get what I need to done spend quality time with my son. Not pick and chisel at my spouse and not fight over things we should be able to speak to one another about, and its wonderful. I am not saying we took a magic pill and all of our problems are gone its a constant battle internally , but WE and I am able to take care of whats important with calmness and patience and that is what its all about.

July is an interesting month

Wow it feels like I disappeared from my blog altogether.  Well I wish I could say alot has happened but the truth is life as a mother is what happens. The moments of single life and getting caught up is far beyond different from the mommy life I lead now. Not worse not better just different.  So instead of trips to the keys or to the Colorado rockies or Vegas it’s been dr appts emergency room and dental work. It’s been I threshing to say the  least. My first visit to the er w my child was far from fun. However my Samsung galaxy played an amazing roll and so did my amazing motger. It’s funny having children does really bridge the gap between mother and daughter. I don’t recommend having children just to do that. But it has helped my relationship. I also was  blessed at the age of 33 to have my wisdom teeth pulled I use the term blessed loosely.  After over 22 days of no solids I lost a whopping 20 lbs and the ability to digest dairy. Oh I looovveee cheese.  So another trip to the emergency room with the hubby who threw his back out the fourth of July playing golf.  I brought I. My 3rd birthday with stitches and not being able to eat cake …stupid wisdom teeth… well on a positive note I thought I would be able to start designing a swimwear line. Living in Florida is a must to have a swim suit but alas everyone is start a swimwear line again the industry is saturated with celebrities working with designing companies so frustrating.  So now I have to go with a new idea.  Hmmmmm well all in all. Not a horrible month but interesting for sure.