Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Feels like I have not chimed in on here in so long. ..well I haven’t actually preoccupations with 2 yr old speech therapy sessions and pool  filling afternoons full time work from home and mountains of Laundry don’t give me much freedom to be able to speak my mind as much as I’d like. However I do feel a need for expressing my thought on paper or well you understand. Recently I’ve noticed my step daughter who is blossoming into a young lady now she lives w her mother in a different state and all though we try to talk every week and skype we tend to still miss chunks of her growing up and seeing the changes that so often as a woman throw us for a loop. But I have noticed lil mannerisms  of this young lady coming out a hair toss a lip syncing dance routine with sassy  choreography. I look at what’s out there now in the media and almost gasp at the photographed celebrities living their lavish day to day life in designer or not so designer clothes and look at the body image they portray and quite frankly I’m terrified. Now I pride myself on a healthy life style eat clean work out yet have fun in between. When I see pictures of one of my once fav Miranda Kerr in a airport photo I just bugged out her legs are skeleton  skinny not model skinny but straight skeleton when I see this I know we have have a problem if I can picture no skin and there is just bones it raises alarm and flags. Carmen Electra my once girl crush she looks like she’s on the Lindsey Lohan diet popping pills and surprising appetites. Then we have the curvaceous boots idols  all about the curves but we don’t have to be over sexed  good lord leave somethings for a lil mystery! Putting everything out tgere on display is classless. Believe me you…you will regret it later on I know I’ve been there. So with all this out there as a parent where do I draw the line where do I explain how do I explain to girls out there that these woman that we look up too as Lisa Nichols calls it SHEROS are nothing to look up too. I could say be you create ur own image…. make ur own footsteps don’t follow anyone else’s but the reality is in schools w friends you have kids bullying kids for being different for being themselves so they to confirm become plastics of what’s in so  they don’t stick out in the wrong way. This parenting thing is tricky and tough. But if I can show by example that beauty is who u are inside and just be the best version you possible I pray that those words will triumph  over the media pics of grossly over sexed under fed celebrities.